It's Amma's Birthday Tommorow

Nikini was a little girl. She lived with her mother and father, in a house near the woods. She was very friendly with the animals in the woods. One evening, Nikini’s father came home with a big gift box.
“What’s that, Thatha?” Nikini asked her father.
“It’s your mother’s birthday tomorrow,” her father said.
“Oh!” Nikini was very upset.
“How could I forget my Amma’s birthday? She would never forget mine. So I should give her a wonderful gift,” Nikini thought.
“But what shall I give her?” She went into her bedroom and thought. She loved her mother so much that she couldn’t think of anything good enough for a gift for her. She thought and thought until nightfall, but she couldn’t think of anything.
Then a firefly, seeing Nikini by the window, flew to her. “Nikini, what are you doing in the dark?” the firefly asked. “Firefly, it’s my Amma’s birthday tomorrow. She loves me very much. She makes me very happy on my birthdays. So I want to make her happy on her birthday. I want to give her th…

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum is one of the most popular museum in Singapore. As the name suggests, ArtScience Museum beautifully fuses art and science to tell fascinating stories.

The Museum that is located in Marina Bay Sands Singapore has an iconic design architecture. The museum’s structure is meant to symbolise the welcoming hand of Singapore with 10 fingers. The tip of each “finger” filters in natural light to showcase exhibits in the best light. There are 21 galleries spread over three storeys with a total floor space of about 50,000 sq ft. The most popular gallery is Future World.

So, come and visit ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore!

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Saturday, August 19, 2017, Student Council (OSIS) of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung held an event called "Tuan Dirga (Tujuh Puluh Dua Tahun Dirgahayu Indonesia)". This event held in order to celebrate the 72 years Independence Day of Indonesia. This event is for 10th grade students. At 7 am, this event started. We did many traditional games there. The first game is "galah asin" or "gobak sodor". The players on this game consists of 10 children each team. These children are l to be two teams. The Guardian team and the attacking team. Each players of the teams must move along the transverse. So the foot must always steps this line. Each team attacking, from the base must through all the transverse. And if one of the players can go back to the base without touching team guard, so the winner is team attacking. If the team guard can touch one of the player of team attacking so the winner is team guard. And then the team guard change to be team attacking and vice versa. I…

What will you do on holiday?

Achmad :  "Hi guys! how are you today?"
Dara       :  "I'm good!" Yasmine :  " Hi! Don't you realize it's a week left to our holiday?" Dara       :  "That's right! Do you have any plan?" Achmad :  "I think i'm going to the unicorn ice cream store because it has a different theme from the                      other store or going to savanna in Africa. It would be cool!" Yasmine :  "That sounds interesting! I've never heard that kind of store. Where is it?" Achmad :  "You haven't been there? Dara has been there twice!" Dara       :  "Yeah, it's near our school. How about you min? Do you have any plan? Yasmine :  "I think i'm going to have a vacation in some island around Papua. Raja Ampat. But,                              Unicorn Ice Cream Store sounds exciting. I think I'll visit it too." Achmad :  "By the way... what about yours Dara?" Dara       :  &…

Got lost in Aussie!

I will tell you my story about my desperate moment in life.
One day, I joined the student immersion program in Australia. This day is my first day school in Adelaide, Australia. My guest mom sent me and my friends to the school by car. And she took us home after school. In the way to home, my guest mom told us that tomorrow we should go home by bus and she won’t take us home anymore. She told us the bus that we should take, and the way home. For your information, my home is ±750 meters from the bus stop. We tried to remember the way home, but………………………
In the next day, after school, we went home by the bus. We took the correct bus and stop on the right bus stop. We got out the bus and...... WE FORGOT THE WAY HOME. None of us remember the way. There are two roads beside the main road, to the east and to the west. Because we didn’t know which road is the correct one, so we took the nearest one.
After we walk ±700 meters away from main road, we realized that we took the wro…

Stranger Become Friend

One day in an airport…
Achmad               : “Hi, where will you go?” Dara                     : “Hello, I will go to Bandung, and you?” Achmad               : “Really? Me too! What plane are you on?” Dara                     : “I’m on Fivelas plane.” Achmad               : “For God sake? We are on the same plane!” Dara                     : “By the way, what’s your name? Mine is Dara” Achmad               : “I’m Achmad.”
*announcement:  “Attention please, passenger of Fivelas plane on flight number FP842 please proceed to the aircraft.”
Dara                     : “Hey listen! It’s time for us to get in the plane.” Achmad               : “Sure, let’s go!”
 *in the plane*
Achmad               : “What is your seat number?” Dara                     : “I’m on E8. How about you?” Achmad               : “Mine is E9.” Dara                     : “Those are our seat!” *pointing* Achmad               : “You are right Dara!”
Dara                     : “What will you do in Bandung?” Achm…

Hello. It's Me!

Hello. my name is Fitya  Devindra Adara! You can call me Dara. I live in Golf Timur street in Arcamanik, Bandung. I was born on November 22 2001 in Borromeus Hospital in Bandung. I have 1 elder sister, she is 3 years older than me. I don't have any brother. I want to be a doctor soon, but i want to study in ITB :( So I still confuse about it. Let's talk about my physical appearance. I am pretty tall but i have a big body (read: fat). I have long black straight hair. But, i wear veil to school. I wear glasses since i was 12 years old. I have brown skin, also two dimples on my cheeks. About me, i am so shy if i meet new friend or new people, but i don't if i'm with my besties or family. And i think that's all about me. Now, about my family.  I have an elder sister and no brother, as i told you before. She studies in one of the University in Bandung.  Her name is Wita. She is tall and wear glasses too. And my mother is Nefita. She is a housewife. She is so pretty and …