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What will you do on holiday?

Achmad :  "Hi guys! how are you today?"
Dara       :  "I'm good!" Yasmine :  " Hi! Don't you realize it's a week left to our holiday?" Dara       :  "That's right! Do you have any plan?" Achmad :  "I think i'm going to the unicorn ice cream store because it has a different theme from the                      other store or going to savanna in Africa. It would be cool!" Yasmine :  "That sounds interesting! I've never heard that kind of store. Where is it?" Achmad :  "You haven't been there? Dara has been there twice!" Dara       :  "Yeah, it's near our school. How about you min? Do you have any plan? Yasmine :  "I think i'm going to have a vacation in some island around Papua. Raja Ampat. But,                              Unicorn Ice Cream Store sounds exciting. I think I'll visit it too." Achmad :  "By the way... what about yours Dara?" Dara       :  &…

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